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How the Future Works

Nov 23, 2020

This week Barry and Eleanor Matthews share a virtual glass of wine and chat all things crowdsourcing, competitions and challenges with the amazing George Gallant from Topcoder

The conversation covers the latest news in Open Talent as well as how crowdsourcing challenges work, why companies are choosing them as a delivery method, who the challengers are and how they deliver value

George shares anecdotes, examples and stories to really bring the crowdsourcing challenge model to life.  He shares the parallels of crowdsourcing to cloudsourcing a decade ago and how once clients start the journey how rapidly they become hooked – he also shares how a certain very famous and successful business leader was once a member of the Topcoder crowd!

George also shares his first job and worst job and provides fascinating insight and anecdotes to really bring the world of crowdsourcing to life