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How the Future Works

Sep 20, 2021

In this episode Eleanor and Barry discuss the increasingly popular model of companies turning to elastic teams of expert freelance tech resources to deliver projects. They meet Callum Adamson Co-founder and CEO of Distributed. Callum founded Distributed in 2017 and the business has seen rapid growth with demand coming from prestige brands, attracted by Distributed’s model of sourcing the best independent talent in the world managed through a quality based process and delivered via a digital platform. They have a great discussion on the benefits of the elastic, freelance model and have a bet live on air as to whether freelancing will be the predominant employment model for technology professionals by 2025.

Barry and Eleanor also discuss Turing, Braintrust, MBO Partner’s latest research showing a 34% annual increase in independent professionals in the US, orange wine, ultra-marathons, the Great North Run and so much more – go on, have a listen!