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How the Future Works

Jun 10, 2021

In this week’s episode Eleanor and Barry discuss the growing trend of workforce ecosystems and how enterprises are starting to think more holistically about how work gets done and who does the work, treating employees, agency workers, open talent platform work, gig workers, outsourcers and robots as an ecosystem to manage. 

They discuss the World Economic Forum and Willis Towers Watson’s formulae for accounting for work:  Return on Work (ROW) = Total Revenue / Total Cost of Work (TCW) where the TCW includes all work sources. 

They are joined by Hassan Khadra-Brooks – Founder and Director of The Hive – a platform for staff sharing and the future of B2B Collaboration and they discuss the benefits of non-competing enterprises collaborating and sharing staff.  Hassan explains the benefits of sharing staff to fill talent needs, to balance supply and demand and to up-skill and develop skilled employees.  Hassan also shares his 5x10 answers, including his predictions for the 2021 edition of Euro2020!

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